UseNeXT Special Offer

UseNeXT highlights:

  • 3,000+ days binary retention
  • Highspeed access up to 800 Mbps
  • Flatrate speeds up to 2,000 kpbs
  • Up to 30 connections
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Free 14 day Usenet trial
  • Prices starting at € 7,95


In addition to offering a wide range of Usenet accounts based on the amount of highspeed access you desire, UseNeXT is offering discounts on annual sign ups. You can save over 25% by signing up for a year of Smart+ access. That brings the price down to € 7,95 a month.

Here’s a list of current UseNeXT plans and discount pricing:

UseNeXT Smart plan includes 30 GB of highspeed access

  • Smart monthly – € 11,95 a month
  • Smart+ annual – € 7,95 a month

UseNeXT Comfort plan includes 80 GB of highspeed access

  • Comfort monthly – € 14,95 a month
  • Comfort+ annual – € 9,95 a month

UseNeXT Premium plan includes 250 GB of highspeed access

  • Premium monthly – € 24,95 a month
  • Premium+ annual – € 19,95 a month

All UseNeXT accounts come with unlimited flatrate downloads with speeds limited to 2,000 kbps in addition to the highspeed volume of your choosing with speeds up to 800 Mbps. You can sign up for highspeed plans ranging from 30 GB a month all the way up to 250 GB a month.

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