UseNeXT Review

UseNeXT is a German Usenet provider that is managed by the Aviteo team. They are best suited for those located in Europe since they offer high speed access. European users can achieve speeds up to 800 Mbit with up to 250 GB of high-speed downloads each month. You can then continue to download at a speed of 2,000 kbps. The newsgroup service will give you access to over 3,000 days of binary files and 25 petabytes of data for just 7,95€ a month


UseNeXT has three newsgroup plans to choose between. You will want to think about how much you plan to use the service. More specifically, you will want to consider how much high-speed volume you want each month. The plans range from 30 GB up to 250 GB of high-speed downloads per month. Once the cap is hit you can continue to use the service at a flatrate speed of 2,000 kbps.

UseNeXT pricing

You have two options to choose from when signing up for UseNeXT. You can select a 12 month membership or pay on a monthly basis. The annual payment option will save you up to 5€ a month but the total amount is due up front. You can download up to 10 GB of high-speed downloads over the first 14 days to test the service. The 14 day free trial will give you plenty of time to test their news servers and custom Usenet client software.

UseNeXT monthly plans

Let’s take a closer look at the monthly UseNeXT memberships. You can choose from three plans with the following high-speed limits:

  • Smart (30 GB high-speed) – 11,95€ a month
  • Comfort (80 GB high-speed) – 14,95€ a month
  • Premium (250 GB high-speed) – 24,95€ a month

Payment options include credit card and PayPal. Once again you will not be charged until the end of the 14 day free trial period. At that time you’re account will automatically renew at the Smart+ level which includes 30 GB of high-speed Usenet access a month for 12 months. The charge of 95,40€ is billed up front on a early basis until you cancel the account

UseNeXT offers a hybrid newsgroup service and includes free Usenet client software. The Tangysoft client software is free to subscribers. It includes image previews, one click file extraction and file searches. Members can download the latest version of the free client directly from their site. They set themselves apart from other European providers by offering unlimited 2,000 kbps downloads with all accounts. This is in addition to the high-speed volume with speeds up to 800 Mbps.

UseNeXT client

UseNeXT offers 6 server farms including servers located in the United States and Amsterdam. The 30 connections should be plenty to max out most Internet connections. If you’re fortunate enough to have a connection that gives you access to over 800 Mbps speeds then we’re quite jealous. In general we recommend using the minimum number of connections that it takes to achieve you’re desired download speed. Using more puts undue strain on your system.

Binary retention is 3,000 days+ and text articles are held for years. The service supports over 1100,000 newsgroups with over 25 petabytes of data. This amounts to over 5 TB of new files added every day. Connect to their servers using 256-bit SSL through their client or your favorite Usenet browser. UseNeXT does not log IP address or any information regarding downloads.

Bottom line – UseNeXT offers a hybrid newsgroup service. You can choose between 30 GB, 80 GB, and 250 GB of high-speed downloads at speeds up to 800 Mbps. Regardless of which plan you choose the service will allow you to continue downloading past your high-speed limit for the rest of the month at 2,000 kbps. That isn’t very fast but it’s better than hitting your cap and having to wait until the following month. Retention is high and the performance is hard to beat. New members start with a 14 day free trial of the service.

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