Best VPN Services

As Usenet fans and Internet junkies we appreciate our privacy online. At this point all the major Usenet providers offer free SSL encryption. Which is quite helpful for connecting to newsgroups. However, what about other online activities? Web browsing, email, games, and any app that communicates online. That’s where VPN comes in.

With a good VPN service you can help ensure your privacy online through a secure VPN server. If you’ve ever used a VPN for work then you know the drill. Except this VPN access is for personal use. Connecting from a public wi-fi location? If so you definitely need VPN. Want to open content from another country? Protect your identity online? Bypass restricted content? You get the picutre. VPN helps in all those cases.

Just like Usenet there are a wide range of VPN providers on the market… and just like Usenet the most expensive isn’t always the best. We have a lot of experience testing VPN services. Having spent the last couple years reviewing over 300 providers for our VPN service providers site ( Visit the site to learn more about VPN or compare all the providers. We will cover to the best of the best – top 5 providers below.

Just like Usenet providers, not all Personal VPN services are created equal. When comparing services consider factors like available protocols – OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. In addition to the number of VPN servers, countries represented and available IP addresses. Otherwise you could end up overpaying or frustrated with poor performance. Also Usenet fans probably want to lean toward unlimited usage.

IPVanish – IPVanish offers the fastest VPN service. With over 165 VPN servers in 63 countries and quickly expanding. IPVanish also offers a nice Windows / Mac client to allow for easy connections. We’ve used their service on many occasions and are always pleased with the performance. Enjoy PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN connections to any of their VPN servers. IPVanish offers unlimited VPN access from $6.49 a month.

Hide My Ass – HMA has you covered. With a network of more than 175 server locations across 77 countries and 82,000+ IP adddresses. A stat that a lot of providers don’t even publish. HMA allows lots of flexibility. Use their HMA Pro software to connect to any server, switch IP’s on the fly and enjoy unlimited, uncapped usage. We recommend Hide My Ass for their unlimited VPN access with HMA Pro client from $6.52 a month.

OverPlay – OverPlay has been around for a long time. They offer a fast, reliable VPN service. In addition OverPlay offers SmartDNS which the fastest was to access geo restricted content in other countries. SmartDNS boasts better performance by taking away the excryption so you trade privacy for speed. VPN users have access to both services. Enjoy unlimited access to OverPlay from just $8.33 a month.

PureVPN – not quite the size of the HMA network but PureVPN offers a solid, reliable service. With support for PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocols. Connect to one of their servers across 44 countries. As with all five providers listed here you can connect via Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android device. With additional support for DD-WRT router configuration. Service starts from $4.16 a month.

Private Internet Access – PIA is a small VPN service in terms of network reach. They manage servers in 10 countries. With a large P2P . torrent following. PIA is serious about privacy and value. They are a low price VPN service that I trust and gladly recommend. PIA has a client for Windows with advanced features like an Internet kill switch to stop apps from running anytime the VPN drops. Along with a nice Anroid mobile app. Enjoy unlimited access to PIA VPN from just $8.33 a month.

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