VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN highlights:

  • Private, secure Internet & Usenet
  • Secure email, instant messaging
  • Added security for hotspot users
  • Free to Giganews members
  • OS Setup: Windows 7, Mac OS X
  • Mobile Setup: iPhone, iPad

When Giganews announced that Diamond members would have access to a VPN service (VyprVPN) we were excited to try it out. Giganews has always provided a hiigh level of performance and reliability to their Usenet customers. Could they do the same partnering with Golden Frog on a VPN solution? We think so. Not only is the service solid. It adds $15 worth of value to the Usenet service without a price increase.

Here is a quick overview for those unfamiliar with VPN (virtual private network) services. If you’re ever used SSL encryption for Usenet connections then you can think of VPN the same way. VyprVPN adds a layer or security and privacy to your online activites.

As soon as you log in to VyprVPN your IP address is replaced by a Vypr address. What does that mean? It means you are no longer associated with the IP address assigned by your ISP. That in itself is a huge advantage to protecting your identity from thieves and wrongdoers. Think of it this way. Would you walk around town with personal information printed on your shirt? That is basically what you do online. Not with VyprVPN though as it helps safeguard your identity.

From the time you connect to Vypr VPN’s US or European servers all the Internet traffic is securely encrypted (scrambled) to protect your privacy online. Send email, instant message friends, use VoIP applications, browse newsgroups and more while feeling confident your privacy is in tact because of the service.

VyprVPN supports a multitude of platforms including Widows 7, Vista and XP. They also support MAC OS X, Linux, iPhone and iPod touch. We use the service on Windows 7 and via iPhone and have been impressed with both the speed and reliability.

Bottom line – using VyprVPN is a great way to help protect your identity and ensure privacy online. Enjoy secure access to all your favorite sites and online applications from anywhere in the world without giving up performance. The VPN service is free to Giganews Diamond members so if you have an account take advantage.

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