WinRAR highlights:

  • UnRAR, UnZip, split files
  • All in one solution
  • Allows for archive locking
  • Command line feature
  • Cost: $29.99 + free updates
  • WinRAR User Guides

WinRAR is a great data manager for archiving, UnRARing/unzipping and splitting files. Unlike the other compression utilities, it is an all in one solution. It is also one of the few softwares that can create RAR’s natively. The most current version of WinRaR is 3.91.

WinRAR is good for helping users compress and organize compressed archives. WinRAR helps to create smaller sized archives than many of the other compression software on the market and also performs the compression/RARing function more quickly. WinRAR will automatically recognize the most efficient compression method for a particular file. Whether it is a multimedia file or executable file (note: some mail programs do not allow you to send or receive executable files).

Another use of WinRAR is for UnRAR/Extracting files out of their compressed RAR, ZIP, 7z file format. It is as easy as clicking on the RAR file to open the WinRAR file manager or right clicking the ZIP file to open up the basic function menu.

WinRAR supports a list of popular compression formats: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ACE, TAR, GZip, ISO, LZH, 7-Zip, 7z, UUE and Z.

Other Features:

  1. WinRAR supports long file names
  2. Volumes
  3. WinRAR allows for the recovery and reconstruction of damaged archives.
  4. Customizable interface – different themes, etc.
  5. Convenient Right Click readiness for basic functions such as compressing and unzipping.
  6. Simple Interface
  7. Supports programmable self-extracting archives (SFX)

Also many advanced features:

  1. Archive locking. WinRAR uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 128 bit key.
  2. Command line feature allows those who do not like to use the mouse.
  3. Unicode support for international formatting.
  4. Supports many languages: Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, German, Czech, Farsi, Finnish, French, Danish, Polish, Hebrew, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and many more (Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Finnish, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Romanian, Serbian, Portuguese, Italian, Macedonian, Vietnamese, Valencian, Turkish, Thai, Uzbek, Ukranian).

    WinRAR is Shareware and comes with a Free 30 day trial. When you buy the license from WinRAR it is valid for life. Cost for a single user license is $29 and there are no additional fees for updates. WinRAR and the RAR format was created by Eugene Roshal. If you like the easy interface of WinRAR, we ask that you please support them by purchasing the software.

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