7-Zip Download and Installation Guide

Go to the 7zip home page and select the version of 7 Zip that you would like to download.

7-zip download

In our case the following version options applied:
A – Download 7zip 4.65 for Windows
B – Download 7zip 9.11 Beta for Windows

Save 7-Zip file

A – Click “Save File”

If the Z-Zip install file doesn’t autonatically run then manually open the executable file for Zzip.

7-zip install file

A new window will then appear asking you in what directory do you want to install the 7Zip program. Select the preferred folder that you want to save the 7Zip program. Click “Install” after you have selected the directory.

7-zip installation path

A – Select the folder where you would like to Save the 7-zip program
B – Click “Install” after you choose an install directory.

7zip install complete

A – After 7zip finishes installing, click “finish”

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