BinTube Usenet Service Review

BinTube made a name for themselves with their next generation newsreader. It gives you access to Usenet content while you download. To learn more about the client read our BinTube newsreader review. This page is dedicated to their Usenet service.

BintubeBinTube is currently at 1,700 days binary retention. That means they offer over two years of binary files.

Performance was never an issue. With server farms in the US and Europe and up to 20 connections you can expect good download speeds. BinTube also offers alternate ports in case your ISP throttles bandwidth.

Expect secure connections automatically if using the BinTube client. If you use your own newsreader then BinTube offers free SSL encryption via ports 443 and 563.

Price is a big plus when it comes to BinTube. You can enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $10.99 a month. As a bonus Bintube gives a free copy of their BinTube Basic Usenet client to all subscribers.

BinTube offers online support. We can’t speak from experience as to how long it takes for feedback from support. However, we have seen them them quickly answer questions on Usenet related forums so I would expect timely response to questions.

Bottom line – Bintube offers unlimited Usenet access for under $11 a month. The service includes 1,700 days binary retention, 99%+ completion, 20 connections and free SSL encryption. We enjoyed using BinTube and look forward to watching the growth of their Usenet service.

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