Binverse Usenet Client Review

Update: Binverse discontinued service in 2012.

Please note this review is specific to the Binverse client software. If you want to learn more about their Usenet service read our Binverse review which covers account features, client overview, pricing and free trial.

The Binverse Usenet client is simple to setup, feature rich and easy to use. You can’t ask for much more from a newsreader. Especially one that comes free with your Usenet service. To the contrary when we first heard Binverse provided their own client we immediately asked if it would support other newsreader’s which it does by the way.

Before testing Binverse with our own newsreader we decided to give their client a shot. What did we have to lose? Log in, take a look and move on to our favorite custom newsreader. It didn’t quite work out that way. In fact the Binverse client now ranks among our top newsreader’s.

There will still be lots of newsgroup veterans who enjoy using Newsleecher, alt.binz, Newsbin Pro, etc. and that’s fine. Binverse supports other newsreader’s but don’t overlook their client. For beginner’s and those open to trying something new the Binverse client is a refreshing addition.

After downloading and installing the Binverse client it was time to get rolling. Upon starting the software for the first time you are prompted for account information which is provided in your sign up email. There is no key needed to register the software. Simply enter the account name and password you received via email after sign up.

After getting signed in we immediately dove into the settings which are easily accessible via the “Settings” button. Within a couple minutes we set the client to save files in a specific folder and to create sub folders based on group. You can also set directories based on newsgroup categories. The Binverse software allows you to connect to the news server with up to 20 simultaneous connections. If this doesn’t make sense then try the default. If you don’t get the desired download speed then increase connections until you do. In general you want to use the minimum number of connections to reach your desired speed. Setting up the client to use SSL encryption for downloads was a simple check box. Be sure to use SSL if you want the additional privacy.

We thought one of the coolest features of the Binverse software was the built in Usenet search engine. No need to pick out groups and download headers or use an outside search engine. Binverse not only offers built in search capabilities but also allows you to choose the source. Options included popular engines like BinTube, Binsearch and Newzleech and NZBMatrix.

Other Binverse client features include integrated chat, built in support for RAR / PAR files, scheduled downloads, real time account stats, custom download speed settings and email alerts.

To learn more about the Usenet service and client software take advantage of the current Binverse 60 GB, 3 day free trial offer. That will give you plenty of time to test it out for yourself. From the simple installation and setup to features like built in search engine and file management you will find the Binverse client easier to use than most newsreaders. They recently released a Mac version of the client as well.

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