GetNZB Review

The developers of Nzblord have launched a new service. While Nzblord uses your web browser to download, GetNZB takes a more conventional approach. The GetNZB Usenet downloader is a Windows newsgroup client. With built-in nzb search and a number of other premium features. New users can test the service free by downloading the client and registering. To download more than 100 MB you’ll want to sign up.


Let’s review some of the GetNZB Usenet client features. Starting with the integrated Usenet search engine. Members can use the built-in search engine to find NZB files from, and sites. All from within the GetNZB newsreader. With search filters including age and file size. Along with options for sorting the results.

After you find the desired content GetNZB makes it easy to download. You can download the entire NZB contents or pick and choose parts. A convenient option for those who would rather not download all the PAR files ahead of time. You can always grab them later if needed.

We tested a Ubuntu download from around 880 days ago and the completion was perfect. With that said GetNZB has built-in features to take care of PAR repairs. So if you download a RAR set that is damaged or incomplete GetNZB will use the PAR files to repair the content.

Performance varies based on which GetNZB Usenet plan you choose. We tested on a premum account and were pleased with the results. The 820 MB file downloaded at around 25 Mbps. without any disconnects.

Here is a summary of the GetNZB Usenet accounts:

  • Mini (3 days, unlimited downloads, capped at 6 Mb/s) – $5.95
  • Lite (7 days, unlimited downloads, capped at 10 Mb/s) – $10.85
  • Classic (30 days, unlimited downloads, 20 Mb/s) – $16.85
  • Ultra (60 days, unlimited downloads, 24 Mb/s) – $31.75
  • Deluxe (90 days, unlimited downloads, 30 Mb/s) – $47.55

As for tech support we never needed any help while testing GetNZB. The GetNZB Usenet client made it easy to find content and download from newsgroups. However we checked the site and support ticketing is available. Along with a phone number on the contact page. Not to say they offer phone support but it’s nice to see a number listed.

Bottom line – We enjoyed testing GetNZB and look forward to future innovations from their talented developers. We would recommend you download the GetNZB client and try their 100 MB free trial offer to test the service. Though to be honest 100 MB isn’t really enough to test.

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