GoGoUsenet Review

GoGoUsenet focuses on newsgroups that contain adult content. One look at their website will reveal the theme as the groups strongly suggest the content available inside. You can browse around the site before singing up. The service is fine for those seeking limited web access to a subset of newsgroups. You can sign up for unlimited access to their website for $19.95 the first month and then $14.95 a month thereafter. Payments are made via credit card.


The GoGoUsenet service is priced high compared to most the providers on our site. For our money we would rather sign up for Easynews. They give you access to a full range of newsgroups through a custom web interface that has far more features than GoGoUsenet. To be fair though it depends on your usage. Easynews starts at $9.98 a month for 20 GB of downloads and goes up from there. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial to see the difference.

GoGoUsenet vs Easynews

If you’re goal is to browse images from adult newsgroups in your web browser then GoGoUsenet is a fine choice. Even before signing up you can browse around their website to get a good idea of what you can expect from the service. If you want access to everything Usenet has to offer then we suggest you go with Easynews. Their web interface let’s you stream, download, and unpack content from thousands of your favorite newsgroups. Easynews also has NNTP access which means you can download through SABnzbd, NZBGet, and other newsreaders. That is not possible with GoGoUsenet.

GoGoUsenet Newsgroup Features

The GoGoUsenet service is pretty straight forward. You can visit their website and see a sampling of the newsgroups available. You can even browse the groups and view some of the content. We’re glad to see that the site supports HTTPS connections. The SSL helps protect your privacy on the site. You might also want to use a VPN to help protect your privacy when using GoGoUsenet and beyond. A VPN will secure the connection for all your online activities.

Bottom Line – GoGoUsenet has found their niche in offering access to adult newsgroups through their website. For the price we would recommend you look at Easynews as well. You can use either service to view newsgroups through your web browser. GoGoUsenet may be less expensive if you download a lot. Otherwise Easynews is $5 a month less for those who download 20 GB a month or less. The same price would give you 40 GB of Usenet downloads with Easynews. If you plan to pass the 40 GB mark then GoGoUsenet will save you some money.

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