Best Usenet + VPN Packages

Unlimited Usenet and VPN access is a great combination.  You can enjoy the full benefits of Usenet along with the privacy of VPN when performing other online activities.  While SSL is good enough protection for Usenet downloads, a good VPN can help protect your privacy and provide anonymity outside of Usenet.  I use VPN on a regular basis for a number of purposes.

The other area of focus for VPN is unblocking geo restrictions.  Have you ever thought about accessing popular sites and services in other countries?  If you live outside the US a VPN can help you access popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO NOW.  Those in the US can use a VPN to unblock access to BBC iPlayer and other channels around the world.

Unlimited Usenet + VPN Packages

Rank 1Newshosting$8.33Client + Search + VPN
Rank 2UseNetServer$7.95Search + VPN
Rank 3Easynews$7.50Web Usenet + VPN
Rank 4Giganews$10.99Usenet + VPN

As you can see above it doesn’t have to cost $20-$30 a month for Usenet and VPN access.  In fact if you sign up for a year of Usenet through our Newshosting or UseNetServer specials they will include free VPN.  That brings the price down to around $8 a month for either service.  That’s a tremendous value for unlimited Usenet and VPN access.  You can use either service to unblock content in other countries while downloading from Usenet.

We're here to help you find the best Usenet provider. Along with some great Usenet clients and search options.