Cool Beans NFO Creator

Cool Beans NFO creator is a great little utility that is used in conjunction with any program that posts binary files to Usenet. It also can assist in the personal archiving of files. Cool Beans NFO creator helps create detailed .nfo files for all types of binaries. It even allows the user to create custom fields. An .NFO file usually accompanies any binary file that is posted to give the Usenet community an idea of what the file is without having to download the entire file first.

For example, if you are uploading a video of your last sky diving adventure, it will help you define the format of the video, resolution, frames per second (FPS), etc. There are also more general options that help define what type of binary it is, size of the binary, if the binary was posted with Par2 files, how many RAR parts it comes with, etc. CoolBeans NFO viewer can go as far as giving details of the poster, what newsgroups it was posted in, what server it was posted to first and even the repost policy of the poster.

The program is very easy to download, install and Use however just to be safe, the team at NewsgroupReviews created an install and user guide for Cool Beans NFO creator.

Step 1: Download and install
You can download Cool Beans NFO creator here.

After you start the download from the website, it will ask you to save the file.

Cool Beans download
Click “Save File” Once the file is done downloading run the executable to install Cool Beans NFO Creator.

Cool Beans setup wizard

If you want to use the program, you will have to approve their agreement by clicking on “YES.” This will take you to a window that asks where you would like to install the Cool Beans NFO creator program.

Install location

Select the location that you would like to install Cool Beans and click “NEXT.” This will take you to the Start Menu folder selector.

Start Menu

Select the Start Menu Folder and then click “NEXT.” This will bring up an options window to decide if you want to install shortcuts.

Desktop icon

Select the shortcuts that you would like to install. If you want a Cool Beans NFO creator shortcut on the desktop, select the option and then click “Next.” This will take you to a summary window displaying the folders you selected for install and any other install options that you requested.

Install Cool Beans

Click “Install” if you are okay with the install locations. The install process will be very fast. Once it is done installing, click “Finish”

Install complete

Congratulations, now you are done installing Cool Beans NFO creator.

STEP 2: How to use Cool Beans NFO Creator

Cool Beand NFO Creator
Fill in as much as the information as you can, being as accurate as you can. Make sure you fill in the various tabs as it relates to your post. Before you finish, you can click on the tab “Preview .NFO” review your info before posting.

Preview NFO File

If everything looks good, click “File” on the menu, then “save as” and specify your file name and location. Make sure to upload your .nfo file with the rest of your post. If you would like to learn how to open a NFO file read our NFO guide.

Now on to step 5 – Post binaries to Usenet

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