How to Use QuickSFV

How to Open .SFV files and to check the integrity of a file:

QuickSFV can also be used to check if a RAR archive is corrupt. Make sure that when you download a RAR archive, download the SFV file as well. If the RAR binary archive was not posted with a .SFV file, do not worry. If the RAR’s were uploaded with a Par2 file, you can use QuickPar to check the integrity of the file.

Clicking on the .SFV file will bring up a window. QuickSFV will check the files in the archive. When complete, it will display a window such as:

QuickSFV check files
If all the files are OK, this means that your file is ready to be UnRAR’ed. If you are not familiar with how to extract a file we also have a WinRAR extraction guide?

For more help refer to other QuickSFV guides:
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