How to Upload / Post to Usenet

Ever wonder how files end up on Usenet? Well, quick answer is that Usenet is all user generated content. The usenet community post the articles in the various topic groups or newsgroups on Usenet. We see lots of these types of questions:

  • How do I post to Usenet?
  • How do I upload to Usenet?
  • How to post to newsgroups?
  • How to upload binaries to Usenet?

Most of these questions revolve around the same topic Рhow to post / upload to Usenet. We thought it best to explain how to post by breaking it up into 2 easy methods:

  • Posting to text newsgroups: Learn how to post to the text/discussion groups that surround your favorite topics (cooking, technology, gadgets, etc.) There are over 100,000 topic groups on Usenet. UNS and other premium vendors carry very long retention so that you can find text articles that go back several years.
  • Uploading binaries to Usenet: This posting method is a little more complicated but is still very simple if you have the right software for posting. Binaries are content that the community uploads to Usenet. Multipart binaries are also covered in this section.

For either method above, posting to newsgroups will require 3 things.

When posting to Usenet, It is good to have a private connection to your Usenet servers via a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) or via SSL provided by the Usenet provider. Most premium providers already offer SSL with the Usenet that they provide.

To learn more about posting to Usenet choose one of these guides:

Posting to Text Newsgroups

Posting Binaries to Usenet

We're here to help you find the best Usenet provider. Along with some great Usenet clients and search options.