Review highlights:

  • 2,400+ days binary retention
  • 3,000 days text retention
  • 99%+ completion rate
  • US & European servers
  • Up to 30 connections
  • SSL encryption available is among a group of vendors offering unlimited downloads with 2,400+ days of binary retention. They offer unlimited Usenet downloads and two plans based on number of connections and SSL. The service is reliable but it doesn’t stand out compared to other leading Usenet providers. Especially since some offer high retention and add-on features like newsreaders, search and storage for less than $8 a month.

Let’s take a look at features and price compared to leading providers like UNS, Newshosting, NewsDemon and Astraweb:

5,775 daysVisit Site
2Easynews$5.995,775 daysVisit Site
3UseNetServer$7.955,774 daysVisit Site
4Giganews$8.331,200 daysVisit Site
5Supernews$8.251,200 daysVisit Site offers 2,400+ days of binary retention and 3,000 days of text retention. Their retention is in line with the industry. You can expect a good completion rate across all newsgroups. performance is good. As with most other Usenet providers there isn’t much need for a lot of connections. They offer up to 30 connections with their Premium plan or 15 connections with the Value plan. The problem is the Value plan doesn’t include SSL which is silly.

All accounts include unlimited downloads and 2,400+ days of binary retention. The Premium plan includes 30 concurrent connections and SSL for $19.99 a month. The Value plan includes 15 concurrent connections without SSL for $14.99 a month. differs from most Usenet providers in charging extra for SSL. It seems crazy to charge $5 a month for SSL and 15 connections but they still do it. This alone shows how far behind the times they are now. is way overpriced considering they charge for SSL. We suggest you research all the options before choosing the service. Especially with leading providers offering free add-on features like newsreaders, search and online storage for less than $8 a month.

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