Fastest Usenet Providers

Speed, retention, and completion are the three most important factors to most Usenet users. That said we know that finding the fastest Usenet provider is both expensive and time consuming. There are plenty of U.S. providers that promise unlimited download speeds but some of them have soft caps. That means they limit or cap performance on heavier users. While that might work for some users I’m going to focus on providers that offer the fastest Usenet connections regardless of your usage. No hard or soft caps here.

Let’s start with a look at several leading Usenet providers in the United States. You will find plenty of cheap Usenet offers at different times of the year. This is especially true during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. While you can likely find a deal for cheap Usenet during this time the results may not make it worth the reduced cost. You can do a quick search on Reddit and find plenty of users that signed up for unlimited Usenet access only to be throttled or have their accounts cancelled. If speed is your priority then I strongly recommend sticking to the tier-1 providers listed below.

Fastest Usenet Providers in the United States

Rank 1Newshosting$8.33Unlimited30Visit Site
Rank 2UseNetServer$7.95Unlimited20Visit Site
Rank 3Easynews$7.50Unlimited60Visit Site
Rank 4Giganews$10.99Unlimited50Visit Site
Rank 5Supernews$9.99Unlimited30Visit Site

You will notice that all five of our fastest U. S. Usenet providers offer unlimited speeds. The other factor we list is the number of connections. This is an area where many newsgroup users get confused. Just because a provider allows 30, 50, or even 60 connections doesn’t mean you’ll want to use them all. In fact using too many connections will actually slow down your Usenet connection. The key is to find the number of connections that it takes to saturate your Internet connection. Using any more puts undo strain on your system. It takes me less than 20 connections to max my cable line.

European Usenet providers do things a little different given the higher ISP speeds in the region. Instead of offering unlimited speeds, many of them offer accounts based on a performance cap. As you’ll see in a moment a couple Dutch providers offer unlimited accounts. The rest cap Usenet speeds between 100 Mbit and 400 Mbit. The plans listed are the fastest Usenet accounts offered by each service.

Fastest European Usenet Providers

Rank 1Tweaknews€7,50Unlimited40Visit Site
Rank 2Pure Usenet€6,63Unlimited12Visit Site
Rank 3UsenetBucket€12,95400 Mbit50Visit Site
Rank 4XLned€7,39120 Mbit12Visit Site
Rank 5Eweka€7,50100 Mbit8Visit Site

Once again it doesn’t always come down to the number of connections. However, you can expect performance to be slower if you are trying to use a European Usenet service from North America. If you live in the United States then I recommend using a U. S. provider for your primary. I recommend our Newshosting deal which gives you unlimited, uncapped Usenet and VPN access. While Newshosting is a tier-1 provider, no single Usenet service will handle 100% of your needs. This is where the Dutch services come in. For the best results pick up a small block account from Tweaknews which has higher retention than most European providers. This combination will server you well.

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