Block (Pool) Usenet Accounts

You have several good options for block Usenet accounts. Remember that these accounts differ from monthly subscriptions. With a Usenet block from leading providers like those listed below you can continue to download until the gigs are all used up. If you go with a different provider make sure they offer non-expiring blocks. We are particularly fond of the NewsDemon and theCubeNet 200 GB accounts.

Best Block Usenet Deals

RankProviderGBPricePrice per Gig
Rank 1NewsDemon200$19.00$0.10
Rank 2theCubeNet200$19.00$0.10
Rank 3Usenet-News200$22.00$0.11
Rank 4BlockNews200$21.59$0.11
Rank 5Astraweb180$25.00$0.14
Rank 6NewsDemon100$15.00$0.15
Rank 7theCubeNet100$14.99$0.15
Rank 8Usenet-News100$15.00$0.15
Rank 9BlockNews100$14.69$0.15
Rank 10NewsgroupDirect100$20.00$0.20

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