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Most Usenet providers rely on NNTP access. Skipping the technical details NNTP means that you need Usenet client software to browse newsgroups and download. There is another option though as a handful of services offer web-based Usenet access. Allowing you to search for content and download directly from your web browser. Take a look at our reviews below as feature sets vary between the web Usenet providers.

1. Easynews – Easynews is a top 5 service on NGR and rightfully so as they offer the only full featured web Usenet experience. You can use Easynews web interface to search for content, preview and download directly from your web browser. Without the need to other software or NZB sites. Those new to Easynews can try the service free for 14 days.

2. NzbLord – NzbLord doesn’t provide a full featured web interface like Easynews. Instead they provide a simple solution for downloading content from Usenet based on corresponding nzb files. NzbLord has a built-in Usenet search engine (FindNZB) that you can use to find content. Then the NzbLord service will download your selected files in the browser.

3. NzbLeecher – NzbLeecher is a lot like NzbLord. Again they provide a simple means of downloading from Usenet based on nzb files. Their advantage is high retention as NzbLeecher supports nearly 1,350 days of binary retention. With NzbLeecher you feed the URL or NZB file into the site and they take care of downloading the related newsgroup content.

4. Usegrab – Usegrab is currently in beta. Giving you the opportunity to test the web-base Usenet service for free. There are a few limits including a speed cap of 5 mbps, nzb file size cap of 5 GB and nzb file size cap of 3 MB. Otherwise you can search for nzb files and download the resulting content within 24 hours for free. Premium accounts coming soon.

5. NzbLoad – once again NzbLoad is a lot like NzbLord and NzbLeecher. Retention is a little lower than NzbLeecher. NzbLoad supports 900 days of binary retention. Otherwise the features are similar. Load in the URL or nzb file directly into their site and NzbLoad takes care of the download. Their site includes a how-to guide with more details on the service.

We enjoyed testing all of the services listed above. Our favorite is Easynews since they provide a full featured web interface and straight forward accounts ranging from 20 GB up to 150 GB of web downloads. Along with unlimited NNTP access for those who like both options. With NzbLord, NzbLeecher and NzbLoad pay close attention to their plans. As some have limitations on download speed and nzb file size.

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