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Usenet Search Engines & NZB Sites

It’s all about finding Usenet content. Just because you’ve chosen a good provider with fast speed doesn’t mean your done. You still have to find your topic of initerest. We personally like to set up our newsreader to do the work for us. With the new auto-search features you can as well.

Sometimes you may want to set your Usenet client to keep track of a specific topic and download content as soon as it hits Usenet. In the past that meant a lot of work. Using search and NZB sites. Now you can use software like the Newshosting client or Newsbin to grab content fast.

Usenet Clients with Auto-Search Features

ReviewsPriceRetentionKey Features
Newshosting ClientFree2,400+Automatic Search
NewsBin Pro$3/mo.600Watch

If you’re not a member of Newshosting or use the other clients listed above then you’ll want to find another way to search for Usenet content. There are two types of sites that track content. The first are NZB sites. Here you will find a community of users with a common goal.

NZB Sites Open to Registration

ReviewsVIP CostNZBsAPI
Usenet Crawler$10Unl10,000
NZB Finder€10yr.5,0005,000

The second set of sites are Usenet search engines. As the name suggests these are more like Google but for newsgroups. They are constantly indexing Usenet groups for the latest content. All of the sites listed below are open to new users and free to use.

Usenet Search Engines

NZB Club510FreeYes

There are also some private NZB sites. These are no longer open to registration. If you have a friend that uses one of them ask for an invite. Otherwise you can always look at the long list of open sites above.

NZB Sites Closed to Registration

NZB.su$8 a yearYesNewznab

The following search engines and NZB sites are no longer active:

  • 360nzb, AbbeyGirl, AsianUsenet, Donnies NZB, DUTPlanet, FastNZB, Fidogig, FindNZB, FindNzbs.info, FTDWorld, Home of NZB, Merlinds Portal, Nbinz.eu, MysterBin, NewNZB, Newzb.co, Newzbin, Newzbox, Newzleech, NGIndex, NNPBeta, NZB-Forum, NZBHangout, NZB Listings, NZB Magic, NZBMatrix, NZB-Matrix.eu, NzbNation, NZB Nordic, NZB Place, NZBPortal, NZBSerien, NZBSite, Nzbsooti, NZBsRus, NZBTVSeeker, Nzbx.co, NZBZombie, Oznzb, pwnZB.com, SpammedFish, UK-NZBs, Wambles NZB
We're here to help you find the best Usenet provider. Along with some great Usenet clients and search options.